There’s never enough storage!  We had to get really inventive to pack in everything we needed so here’s what we did…

There’s nothing worse that driving down the road, rounding a curve and the contents of the fridge spill out making all kinds of messes!  To help ensure that doesn’t happen to you here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Place all breakables items in the drawers and doors.
  2. Use adjustable refrigerator bars to hold in the other items.
  3. Use a baby lock to keep the doors from opening.
  4. If you use an acrylic egg crate place non-slip tape to the fridge shelf where the eggs sit.  I recommend using the Lock and Lock Egg Dispenser, just sayin….
  5. Place a magnetic whiteboard and refrigerator magnets on the fridge to keep important phone numbers when staying at parks (Office, Wifi logins, ER #s).
  6. A magnetic bottle opener is also very handy when stuck to the fridge!

This where I had to get inventive and I have to say I’m very happy with the results.

  1. I purchased three fabric pocket wall hangers.  I placed one on the wall next to the drivers seat.  Terry puts his baseball cap, sunglasses, flashlight, and misc items in his.  I placed one on the passenger side for my things and then one in the living room to hold all the remotes.  Be sure to use 3M hooks to hang everything!

WallHanging3           WallHanging2          USBPort

2.  I plugged in a multi-outlet with USB ports and plugged in a long multiple USB port on the shelf next to my bed and am able to connect all of my USB devices without using the plugs.
3.  I put a couple of the 3M wire hooks on the wall in the hallway to hold Terry’s hats.
4.  I purchased an Accurite Weather/Clock Monitor and hung it with a 3M hook.  Even in the southern states you want to know if it’s going to be below freezing so you can protect your pipes!
5.  To prevent damage to your walls be sure to use rubber bumper pads! I put them behind picture frames, the weather monitor and where the toilet lid meets the wall when it’s up.
6.  I found an awesome black “over the door” organizer, purchased two, cut off the bottom row and hung them on back of the RV Seats.  Pockets are see-through and even hold a 2-litter bottle of soda!  Read more on this storage post.
7.  I came up with this idea to store all the bottles of alcohol and wine we had left over from the sale of our house…our cool new bar-back!

1.  Keys.  This is one of my favorites.  Terry and I came up with this idea and it works great!  We purchased a scrap piece of acrylic and were trying to fit it to the cabinet when we realized that it was better at a tilt.  The top of the  acrylic is against the top of the back wall and the base is at the front of the bottom of the cabinet (Clear as mud? Check out the picture below).  I attached lots of 3M wire hooks to the acrylic with just enough space in between to hang the keys.  I then put color coded key tags on each set of keys (ie: red for RV, blue for car, etc.)  Now all we do is open the cabinet door and choose which set we need.  They are clearly visible and easy to grab because they are hanging outwards.  The collapsible storage box on the left is for misc keys, locks, etc.


2.  Collapsible fabric storage boxes are great.  When you don’t need them they fold down flat and take up less space.  You can label the sides so you know what’s in them.
3.  We recorded our DVDs and CDs into digital format and got rid of the hard copies by donating them to various charities.
4.  Place your folded clothes in your drawers “bread slice” style.  That way you can see everything and don’t have to dig around to find what you’re looking for.
5.  Use cabinet organizers and see through storage bins where possible.  I use the dish cradles since it’s much easier to grab a single plate.
6.  In my pantry cabinets, I use zip-lock bags to store flours, sugars, etc.  They prevent a mess and you can easily see what’s inside and they don’t take up any extra space.
7.  Use hanging pocket organizers in your closets for small items such as jewelry, ties, scarves, etc.  I even put phone charger cords in ours.


8.  Use a “shoe skirt” under your bed skirt to store shoes and other items out of the way.  Make sure to get one with see through pockets!
9.  Store extra blankets by laying them out on your bed under the fitted sheet or mattress pad.  This also adds some nice padding to the mattress :o)
10.  Collapsible crates are great for using to pack away counter top items when  traveling.  They fold down for easy storage when you’re parked!
11.  We’ve also used the 3M Wire Hangers to hang Terry’s ball caps and BBQ utensils on the inside doors of the basement.DogDishes1200x675
12.  If you have a pet and a panel under your stove and there’s nothing behind it, it makes a great place to put their food and water dishes.  Be sure to put a mat in front and put some non-slip tape on the mat if necessary.

13.  Terry and I came up with a way to keep my spices in place while traveling.  They take up too much space in the cabinets and I had to pack them every time we moved.  We took a 1″x2″x4′ (make it whatever length you need).  I screwed d-rings on every 3-4 inches.  I then stapled one end of black elastic to the back of the board, threaded the elastic through the d-rings and then stapled it to the back of the other end.  I used industrial strength sticky back Velcro to attach the board to the back splash.  DO NOT use Velcro on wallpaper or wood surfaces! It will cause unnecessary damaged if removed.







14.  On the shelf above the spices I put steel mesh trays with with sticky back rubber non-slip disks under the corners attached to the counter.  These hold our vitamins and other items and they’ve never moved when we’re on the road.
15.  Place canned goods standing upright in drawers.  Write the description of the contents on the lid.  Easy to find!
16.  We bought a Toyganizer and put it up by the coach door.  We throw Nick’s toys, leashes, collars, etc. in it so they are ready to grab as we head out.


That’s it for now but I’ll keep adding things as I remember them!

Happy Travels!

Terry & Melanee

“All the pathos and irony of leaving one’s youth behind is thus implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered, and the wise traveler learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time.” – Paul Fussell