We always want to feel safe when traveling or parked. Here are a few tips to help give you the warm fuzzies…

1. Install a “Ring” doorbell. When someone rings it you’ll get a video of the person on your phone.  If you aren’t home you can tell them your indisposed and to come back later.  They’ll never know you’re not really home.  Cool, huh?

2. Install a dash cam.  It won’t prevent you from having an accident but it will be recorded if one does happen.  It will also record anything going on within view.  Check out for the video of the RV fire.

3. How about installing an interior camera as well.  You can check in on your pets while you’re away.

4.  Display a “Pet on Board” sign in your window in case an emergency arises when you’re away letting emergency crews know it’s ok to break a window to save your pet.

5.  Make sure your sensitive information is safe.  Scan your important documents (passport, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc.) and insert them into a Word document.  Password protect the file and email it to yourself.  Make sure you place the file in a folder that will always be available to you online.  This is a life saver, especially when traveling overseas.  You can also copy all the files to a rugged, water proof USB to grab in case of evacuation.