It’s a lot more probable that you’ll hurt yourself in and around RVs than houses.  To decrease your chances of injury implement some of these fixes…

  1. 10 Tips for RV Safety from National General Insurance
  2. RV Safety Travel Tips from
  3. Travel 911 from the Travel Channel (video)
  4. Cut a swimming noodle up into 6-12″ pieces and push them onto the bottom corners of your RV slide-outs.
  5. Put a couple of strips of “glow-in-the-dark” tape across your RV door step.
  6. Keep a gardening cushion by the door so you can quickly grab it when you have to search the basement.
  7. Place a motion detector light by the RV door steps (on inside of RV), pointed towards opposite side, so that when you get near the steps the light goes on.
  8. Put non-skid rug tape on all rugs.
  9. Put non-skid tape on shower floor.
  10. Use a knife block for sharp knives and always point them down when placing in a dish drainer.
  11. Insect repellent is also a must-have.  Besides the popular items I bought several ThermaCell Outdoor Lanterns and handheld devices and place them all around us in the evenings when we’re on the patio or around a campfire.
  12. Carry a comprehensive first aid kit and don’t forget a really good first-aid phone app!  You should also have a first-aid manual on hand in case you are out of phone range.
  13. Wear a baseball bump camp when going into the “basement” for anything!
  14. NEVER move the RV unless you can see your spotter!  Use walkie-talkies or cell phones when parking your RV.
  15. Install an RV propane gas detector.
  16. Measure your RV from the ground to the top of the highest item on your RV.  Purchase some self-stick address numbers and stick them to the inside center of your RV windshield jut below the tint.  That way, when coming up to bridges you can look up and instantly know if you are clear to go under.
  17. Buy a couple of letter keys chains, one with the letter “S” and one with the letter “P”.  When setting up your RV for a stay, attach these to your steering wheel.  When you’re ready to leave don’t remove the keychains until 1) the (S)Satellite is lowered and 2) the (P) propane is turned off.  Do this along with your RV “Park” and “Pack” checklists!