RVing with Pets

Our pets are our “babies”.  We want to spoil them because of all the love and comfort that they bring us.  Here’s a few ways to do just that…

  1. Display a “Pet on Board” sign in your window in case an emergency arises when you’re away letting emergency crews know it’s okay to break a window to save your pet.
  2. Get a “glow-in-the-dark” collar and/or leash.
  3. Make sure they stay in their car seat when traveling and are wearing a good escape proof, and comfortable harness.
  4. Get them a good raincoat :o)
  5. Make sure you have a 6′ leash.  Some parks require the leash to be a maximum of 6′.
  6. Always carry a portable water bottle or collapsible bowl when away from home with your pet.
  7. Nicky loves his insect shield blanket when we’re out enjoying the patio or firepit in the evenings!  When we’re on the patio he relaxes on his Coolaroo hammock and watches everyone walking by.  It’s his second favorite pastime, the first one being the ones doing the walking :o)
  8. Of course your pet should also have all his/her shots, identification and immunization tags and an injected GPS tracking device (performed by your vet).

Happy Travels!
Terry & Melanee

I don’t treasure things much – just people. And pets. – Felicity Kendal