Phone Apps

Here are some GREAT phone apps for RVers.  We’ve created an “RVing” folder on our phones (Android) and put all these apps in there for quick access.

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar – This one is a must-have!  If you use you’re awning then you’ll want this app.  You can add the widget to the first page of your smartphone and always know the current and forecasted temperatures, wind speeds, pressure, visabilty and more!

  1. AllStays Camp & RV
  2. AR First Aid
  3. Army Ssurvival Guide
  4. AroundMe – quickly find business around you wherever you’re at.
  5. Basement Organizer – Another “keeper”.  RVer’s answer to finding your stuff.
  6. Camp and RV
  7. CampUSA
  8. CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State
  9. Compass
  10. Eat24 Yelp
  11. First Aid-American Red Cross
  12. First Aid Emergency & Home
  13. FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.)
  14. Forest River (there’s probably an app for your RV available as well)
  15. Forest River Forums
  16. Free RV Campground
  17. Fuel & Maintenance
  18. Fuelbook
  19. GasBuddy
  20. Good Sam & Passport America
  21. Good Sam Camping
  22. Google Maps (of course!)
  23. History Here
  24. IRV2 – RV Forum
  25. Love’s Connect
  26. Magnifying Glass – Have trouble reading the small print and can’t find your glasses?  Just use this app!
  27. myPilot
  28. National & State Parks
  29. Overnight Parking Finder
  30. Passport America
  31. (iPhone only)
  32. Rest Stops
  33. RV Park Discount Club
  34. RV America
  35. RV Camps Locator
  36. RV Dump Stations
  37. RV Education 101
  38. RV Family Travel Atlas (find in iTunes store-podcasts)
  39. RV Parky
  40. RVChecklist
  41. RV Owner
  42. RV Parks
  43. RV Tube
  44. Scout
  45. Scanner Radi
  46. SmartTruckRoute
  47. Trucker Path
  48. TruckSmart
  49. Uber (like a taxi, only cheaper)
  50. US Public Lands
  51. Ultimate Survival
  52. Ultimate US Public Campgrounds ($3.99)
  53. VZ Navigator
  54. We Camp Here

And for our military folks…

  1.  Army Survival Guide
  2. CRV Military


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