Handy Gadgets

Handy Gadgets (otherwise known as ESSENTIALS!)

RVing is a whole ‘nother world.  Preparation will save make it a much easier one to deal with.  Here are some of the things we found very handy to have around.  I actually think of them as essentials…

  1. Duct tape, florescent and standard
  2. 3M hooks and extra tape
  3. Sewie Pig 
  4. Water Bandit
  5. Water regulators (yes, more than one)
  6. Water filters for both your city water hose and your city water input.
  7. Hose washers
  8. Led bulbs
  9. Bug spray (personal and home)
  10. Solar lanterns (This one is my personal favorite!  We leave these in the front window and they are always charged when needed)
  11. or combine the last two… ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Pest Control Outdoor Lantern
  12. Batteries – all sizes and I also carry a solar and AC battery charger and rechargable batteries
  13. Infrared heat thermometer
  14. Refrigerator magnets
  15. Pocket pillows
  16. Pocket blankets
  17. Ground blanket in a bag
  18. Use your TV as a wireless monitor
  19. Cell phone Booster (we recommend WeBoost)
  20. Bungee Cords
  21. Sheet Holders – I use these to hang light tarps from our awning to block the sun.
  22. If you don’t have an induction stove then I highly recommend an induction cooktop
  23. Window wipes
  24. Disinfection cloths
  25. Dusting wipes
  26. Swiffer duster
  27. Kitchen size and large size trashbags

More to come as I think of them, stay tuned…

Terry & Melanee

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ― Lao Tzu