Connecting with Other RVers

Here’s some quick and simple tips for RVers…

  1. When you meet new friends that you want to stay in contact with, enter their information into your phone contacts and tap the camera button to take their picture so you can always match the names to their faces :o)
  2. Create RVer’s “ID” cards.  You can create some simple business cards with names, email, phone numbers, webpage and a line for your current space number.  Hand these out to folks that you want to socialize with or just share contact info.  You can create these very inexpensively on and have them print them or save the design and you print them (which is completely free).  You can also go to VistaPrint for inexpensive cards and have them print and send them to you.
  3. Put out a yard flag or sign that welcomes them.  Ours is “Group Therapy” with wine glasses on it :o)
  4. If you have a business that you run from your RV, put a yard flag or sign out to advertise your business and invites them to knock on your door.  Ours says “Feel free to knock, let’s drink wine and talk.”
  5. Sit outside or walk around the park in the evenings and don’t be afraid to say “hi” and start up a conversation.  Don’t know what to say?  Try this, “How much does a polar bear weigh?”  When they ask “How much?” say “Enough to break the ice, Hi I’m _____ and this is my other half _____”.   :o)
  6. You can also hand out “invite” cards that say something like… “You’re invited to… (share a glass of wine, play bean bag toss, etc.) and be sure to have your space number on them!

Terry & Melanee