Castle Dome Mining & Ghost Town – Yuma, AZ

About halfway between Yuma and Quartzsite there’s a turn-off that leads to this little ghost town and museum.  Six miles of the road is gravel so be prepared for dust and bumps.  I expected some old vacant buildings but was quite surprised to find that it was so much more.  Apparently the BLM was given permission to gather all the old building in the area and they built a more consolidated town.  They then filled each building with artifacts and items from that era, from that type of building.  for example there is a dining hall with plates on the table, a big wood cook stove and cooking utensils.  There are also stories and descriptions of people and things tacked up all over to tell the story of the town.  There’s a separate walking tour that takes you around the mines, cemetery and other buildings. It was very interesting and made for a nice way to get a lot of exercise! 😀










On to our next discovery…

See you on the road!

Terry & Melanee


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