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Lots of folks ask about how we full-time RVers make money on the road.  There are lots of blog posts, articles and forums out there that discuss this so I don’t think I need to repeat any of it.  What I will tell you about is what I do.  I’ve always been an entrepreneur.  Always looking for that business that I could do from anywhere and love what I’m doing.  Because of all the businesses I’ve looked into and joined I’ve always had a river of emails regarding these type of businesses.  Fortunately, soon after we started RVing, I received an email that has helped me to create my “dream job”!

It’s a wonderful, start-up with an amazing leadership team and unbelievable training opportunities and it’s right up my alley!  While growing up I was, and still am, a creative person.  I love doing crafts and making things but this business is different in a unique and fun way.  I design and sell apparel and other items online.  I call my site XpressiveMe! because it lets me create unique, custom designs for others.  I had to learn how to use Photoshop and I’m learning online marketing but I enjoy the heck out of it!  It’s kind of sad really because I’d rather be on my computer than outdoors enjoying the great weather sometimes!

The business is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up so I’m fortunate that I am able to employ my grand-daughter as my virtual assistant to help with the mundane things.  She’s been awesome and the extra income helps her at college so it’s a win-win!

I pretty much just sold tee shirts, hoodies, tank tops, aprons, tote-bags, canwraps and a few other items in the beginning.  Now I’ve got wall art, frosted beer mugs, wine glasses, purses, shoes, boots and still adding new items all the time!

I’ve made tee shirt designs with images of people’s RV’s, motorcycles, dogs and more!  Whatever design you want on the items above, I can probably do it!  I LOVE my “job”!


I’ve just opened a new store called XpressiveMe-Store and I’ll be sorting through my products so that I can sell my custom/personalized products on Xpressive.Me and all the non-personalized/custom products on XpressiveMe-Store.  Again, lots more work but that’s a good thing!

Products shown on my home page are from my store.  We have lots of RVing and camping designs, grandma designs and tons more.  Keep checking back as we are adding inventory constantly 😀  If this business seems like a good fit for you feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to give you more information.  If not, then I hope you find the business that fits you so well that you love “going to work”  every day 😀

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