Camp Murray Beach, WA

Hi again!

We really enjoyed our stay at the NW Adventure Center but imagine our surprise to fine out our next stop was just on the other side of the same lake!  LOL, that was a short trip!

It was just as nice as NWAC but much smaller.  You can stay up to two weeks right on the water with a semi private dock to park your boat or jet ski.  It has a very nice nature trail and we met lots of great folks too.

There was a nice large green area behind the top row, where we were with a firepit and lots of chopped wood (thanks to one of our neighbors!) so evenings by the fire were very nice.

There’s lots of great places to visit while you’re in the area…Seattle (Space Needle and museums), Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Olympia among others.

The cons for the AFB FamCamps, we’re finding, is that the wifi is pathetic.  It’s usually only available in the office or laundry facilities if at all.  Also, and why, I have no idea,  they can’t seem to get their trash or recyclables removed on a scheduled basis.

These parks are very nice but I have to have my internet so we probably won’t be back.




So many beautiful places to visit.  Time for the next one…

See you on the road!

Terry & Melanee


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