Lake Family Reunion 2017

Every year we spend a couple of weeks with my cousin, Cindy, and her husband.  We love visiting with them and being spoiled rotten!  Our first weekend we got to stay on their houseboat for the weekend and it was GREAT!  Still being “kids at heart” Terry and I jumped off the roof several times 😀  I heard somewhere that as you age you should do one thing that scares you every year, so this year we jumped!


The next weekend was a Lake Family Reunion that Cindy put together.  I don’t remember or know many of my relatives on that side (my dad’s) so I learned a lot and had a nice time.  We also drove up to Elk Grove to visit Terry’s uncle and wife again this year.


Terry worked his butt off most of the time we were there installing new steps, replacing our propane stove with an induction stove top and wiring in our new Boogey lights under the RV.  Poor guy was having a heck of a time wiring the new stove top as you can see.  LOL!

I’m behind in my posts so I will be catching up this week.  We have moved on and now we’re in Cliffside RV Park in Oak Harbor, WA.  What a beautiful park and area!!!  I’ll tell you all about this in my next post so stay tuned!  😀

See you on the road!

Terry & Melanee


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