Bye Charlie, HELLO Monty!

We started our full-time RVer journey in a Forest River Charleston and spent a year making more repairs than we ever dreamed we need to make.  It’s a beautiful coach but it’s either a lemon or just not built well.  We repaired three of the four slides twice…each!  We had the Dinette slide (the one with the refrigerator) repaired and reinforced and the bedroom and wardrobe slides had both the motor and gearboxes replaced and broke several cables.

The AGS system was not working when we bought it but since we didn’t know what it was it took us awhile to figure that one out.  The “Jake” brakes were wired incorrectly from the factory and we had to get that fixed.  We replaced numerous latches and then the toilet broke.  Thank-goodness the third party warranty covered all this!

It’s an electric toilet and the hatch that opens to flush quit working.  We happened to be going to the FROG (Forest River Owner’s Group) Rally so we figured we’d change it out there.  We happily found out that, at the rally, Forest River would fix three things for us free of charge.  So they installed a new toilet for us.  Unfortunately, someone must have dropped it because we started finding water around the floor of the toilet and found cracks in the base.  By the time we were able to get it replaced there had been some water damage under the tiles.  We were without a toilet for two weeks!  Another reason we traded in Charlie for Monty.  We now have two toilets!!!  Woo-hoo!  And to top it off, a woman ran off the road and ran into Charlie while he was just siting there!  Most of that damage was just cosmetic but we spent two months at Lazy Days just getting all these items fixed.  I really don’t want to ever do that again.

We had just had the bedroom slide repaired again while we were at the Voyager in Tucson so everything was working great when we did our trade-in.

These are the top 10 items that Terry and I wanted in our RV:

  1. Two toilets
  2. Front living room so we could make use of the Captains chairs (they spin around to face the living room)
  3. Solidly built
  4. King size bed
  5. Lots of storage
  6. A desk for Terry
  7. Lots of outlets
  8. Nice decor
  9. A large shower
  10. Washer & Dryer

With Monty (our newsed RV) we got all of these things and more.  We went from a 2014 to a 2009 and we paid more but, so far, it is totally worth it!

We bought a 2009 Monaco Dynasty.  This coach was custom made for some lucky wealthy people.  They left the sofa out an put in a second desk so we had them remove the second desk and are having a sofa put in.  This coach is made out of SOLID oak where Charlie was particle board.  This coach just feels more solid!  The slides glide out whereas Charlies jerked and groaned.  It doesn’t have as much storage as Charlie so we had to donate a lot more things but nothing that I think we’ll miss.  Strange, because Monty is 1 1/2′ longer than Charlie and a foot taller.

We have automated shades, toe-kick central vac, solar panels, wifi booster, remote controlled storage trays (or whatever you call them) in the basement and best of all…peace of mind!

I’ll let you know how our next year goes!






We’re still unpacking so forgive the mess please :o)

See you on the road!

Terry & Melanee


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