Fortuna De Oro Resort – Yuma

Oh man, I am so far behind.  I had to move my website to a new server and it’s taken me months to get it moved and cleaned up and I’m still not done.  Well, at least I have the time :o)

We planned on staying at Fortuna De Oro for about three months but while we were in Tucson I found out that I needed some minor surgery so we only stayed a couple of weeks and then came back to Tucson.

We were staying on base at Davis-Monthan when our neighbor told us about Fortuna De Ora and said we HAD to go stay there, so we did.  It’s our favorite RV park to date!  It’s in the same chain as Golden Village Palms in Hemet (which was our favorite until now).  The chain is Cal-Am (.com).  They have around a dozen resorts in California and Arizona.

These resorts are active and for partiers!  There’s the usual activities such as Pickleball, Golf, Shuffle Board, pool activities, etc.  Above and beyond all that is Happy Hour every afternoon, with entertainment, by the pool (and there’s even some cabanas around the pool!  There are dances with live entertainment, indoors and out every weekend and Karaoke too!

We’re going to stay at a couple of the Cal-Am Resorts around the Phoenix area as well to check them out but that will be next winter.  Our next stop is Scottsdale, AZ for the Spring Training games.  We’re meeting up with my cousin, Cindy and her family.  Gonna be great!!!




See you on the road!

Terry & Melanee

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