JBSA Recreation RV Park FamCamp – Canyon Lake, TX

WooHoo!  If you read my last post you’ll know why I’m soooo excited to be here!  7 weeks at Lazy Days Tampa was more than I could stand!  We arrived the day before Thanksgiving after two days hard travel.  The park has a lot to offer but it’s really old, not well maintained and pretty shabby.

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There are a lot of deer that run freely around the park.  Some are so tame they come right up to you.  There aren’t any waterfront RV spaces.  You need to walk or drive to the dock where you can rent pontoons, kayaks and other toys.  There’s a great swim beach but we’re here at the wrong time of year for all that.  We here to visit our son Justin and his family for Thanksgiving.

The spots are a little tight for large coaches.  We barely made it into the spot due to the tree.  We can’t open our awning because of the trees but, no problem, since we have a covered patio!

img_20161201_140834834_zdatemark   img_20161201_140846628_zdatemark

They also have cabins and mobile homes for rent.

img_20161201_092745700_zdatemark img_20161201_092826624_zdatemark

There is a cool “game” outside by the swingsets.  I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like that dance game in a way.  1-2 people can play at a time and what you do is hit the lights on the poles as they come on to score points.  It’s quite the workout and fun!

img_20161201_093108880_zdatemark img_20161201_092733518_zdatemark

There’s a great little touristy town close by called Gruene.  Lots of quaint shops and and while you’re there you must stay for dinner at the Gristmill!  Great experience!

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Were about 15 miles from San Antonio, so close enough for shopping.  There’s several bases in the area so a number of commissaries to choose from.  There’s a shoppette here, laundry room, minimal fitness equipment, playgrounds, and trails.  We’re here til a few days before Christmas, then we head to Tucson to have Christmas with our son Jesse and my grandson Jayden.  There we’ll, hopefully, be staying at the Davis Monthan FamCamp.

See ya on the road…

Terry & Melanee

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