Coast Guard RV Park in Marathon FL

First off if you are a long rig (we’re 44′), when you get to the gate, go past it, make a U turn when you can and come in from the north bound lane. It’s a really tight fit and not deep enough to come straight in and there are lots of post around (some are plastic so that helps).  This is another military park.

When we arrived we were quite surprised to see that we were the only ones there. We soon figured out why…the heat and humidity was horrendous! We definitely didn’t pick the right season to visit.  We were there the end of September. It’s a small park, only four full hook-ups. There is no beach access but you can use the pool next door at the Hyatt or go down the road to the Sunset Grill and Raw Bar.  We did both!

sunsetgrill hyattpoolmarathon

There are LOTS of iguanas running around.  We’d take our little malti-poo, Nicky, out to “chase dragons”.  He loved it!  They’d skitter across the park and jump right into the ocean.

We visited the Turtle Hospital, Sombrero Beach, Sombrero Reef (through Spirit Snorkel Tours in Marathon), Key West and Key Largo while we were there.  Click here for a great guide on How to Snorkel!  Our favorite spots are Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill and Sombero Beach/Reef.

I dropped my phone in the ocean at Sombero Beach so no photos, sorry.  Just check out the links.

See you on the road…

Terry & Melanee

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