Manatee Cove FamCamp Patrick Air Force Base, FL

This is another military park, bit what a hidden treasure!  We lucked out and got the best spot in the park, #10.  It has shade on the north side of the RV which left us sitting in the sun all afternoon but we just moved our chairs down to beach behind some trees/bushes and watched the dolphins play.

It was a small park but they’re getting ready to open a LOT more spaces.  You can rent kayaks and lots of other recreational items so we rented a kayak and are so happy we did.  We saw the dolphins out feeding one morning and jumped in the kayak and paddled over.  We got within 20 feet of several and just watched them swim around.

We were told by other RVers that stay there for long periods of time that when the manatees mate, a bunch of them will come right up on the beach there.  We weren’t there at the right season so we’ll just have to go back :o)

While we were there we went to Kennedy Space Center which was very interesting and informative.  There are also lots of other places to go and things to do in the area.

I dropped my phone in the ocean and lost all my pics but you can see a lot here and on their website.

See you on the road…

Terry & Melanee

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