San Onofre Military RV Park

We’ve learned that if you it is at all possible to scout out your next destination then do it.  Prior to departing for San Onofre we did just that, thank goodness!  They had been under construction and hadn’t updated their website so we were all over the place until we found it.  This trip would have been hell in the motorhome.  We also found out some great information!  We can get diesel on base (easy in/out) for $2.01 a gallon!  That is less than unleaded!  They don’t have DEF so we’ll fill that up ourselves.  There’s also a Schlotzsky’s by the MCX.  Here are the directions:

From I-5 take Basilone Rd Exit (Exit 71) and turn east and proceed to the gate. (You will need an ID card and sticker on the windshield helps.) Proceed about 1/2 mile past commissary/BX/gas station to Beach Club Road which is the first stop light. Turn right and follow into the campground. You will need to go past about 23 sites on the left and then turn left at the stop sign and go up the hill, following the road to the office (blue and white building on the east side of the road).

The MCX (Base Exchange) and commissary are within walking distance.  There’s an adult jungle gym (workout bars), firepits, BBQ Grills, rental cottages, and much more!  We are parked just off the beach in Palm Tree Alley with full hook-ups.  Lots of GIs surfing and enjoying the beach.  There are lots of big rocks on the beach so not a great beach to swim at.

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San Onofre 5          San Onofre 4


San Onofre 3          San Onofre 1


San Onofre 2          SurfingCompetition3


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 See you on the road…

Terry & Melanee


“Surfing is attitude dancing.” – Gerry Lopez

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