Squeeze Me, Stomp Me, Make Me Wine!

Yesterday was the FamCamp Wine Tasting Tour and what a surprise it was.  Who knew?  We stopped by four wineries.

The first one was Sonoita Vineyards.  Lots of great wine accessories and paraphernalia and, of course, some really nice wines!

Sonoita1            Sonoita2jpg



Then we went to this one but we can’t remember the name and can you believe they don’t have it anywhere on the outside?  They did have some very nice wines though.


UnknownWinery1          UnknownWinery2




And then this one, Callaghan Vineyards, but it was really cold inside so we didn’t stay, just went and sat in the warm van :o)



And finally, Hops and Vines.  We’d actually been here before at some kind of festival.  It’s a very fun and “hippy” like atmosphere and the best wines on the tour!

HopsAndVines2            HopsAndVines1



WineSunDial          20160218_163317_resized_1

See you on the road…

Terry & Melanee

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