Biosphere II – Tucson, AZ


One of the excursions offered by Agave Gulch famCmp (Davis Monthan AFB) is a trip to the Biosphere II, about an hour out of Tucson.

“On Sept. 26, 1991, eight people—the “Biospherians”—were sealed off inside Biosphere 2, a 3.14-acre glass enclosure located in Oracle, Arizona. The event marked the beginning of the first Biosphere 2 mission, a study designed to test survivability and to see whether a small group of humans could develop and live in a self-sustaining colony, as one might imagine on some distant planet in outer space.” – Two Years Under Glass

After the study the Biosphere was donated to the University of Arizona and is now called Biosphere II.  Visitors can now tour the facility.  It is really quite interesting.  This is just one of the unique places to visit while in Arizona.

Biosphere2      Biosphere13 Biosphere14     Biosphere4 Biosphere3     Biosphere6

Biosphere7     Biosphere5

Biosphere9    Biosphere10

Biosphere11     Biosphere13Biosphere12     Biosphere1



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